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Certified Payroll Reporting Software

Section 110 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 requires that entities engaged in constructing work that is financed with federal funds (in part or whole) are required to comply with all provisions governed by the Davis-Bacon Act.

PGN Consulting offers a proprietary software program and compliance services that make it easier for governmental entities and contractors to set up, monitor, track and report labor and workforce activities on construction worksites that ensure compliance with laws governing the Davis -Bacon Act or state and/or local laws/regulations governing prevailing wage.


Pre-construction meetings with contractors and subcontractors.   Receipt, review, maintenance, and audit of certified payroll reports and all related documents from contractors.

  • Maintain contractor and subcontractor files/records related to specified projects.

  • Conduct on-site interviews to ensure compliance and to reconcile certified payroll submittals.

  • Verify labor classification and registration of apprentices in the craft or trade performed.

  • Notify contractors and subcontractors of any labor compliance findings with recommendations for corrections.

  • Prepared and submit all applicable reports, etc., to ensure compliance with governing federal, state, or local provisions.

  • Services are available and can be customized for any state or locality.

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