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Vertex Management System (VMS) – Specification

VMS is a software application developed to capture and manage an organization’s data related to their daily operations by its Users with Vendors, Certifying Vendors, bid management processes, contract management processes, monitoring of Diversity & Inclusion programs’ compliance by Vendors, Human Resources processes covering identifying resources through onboarding employees and contractors. Additional functionalities will be added to the software in the future.

- User Management

- Vendor Management

- Certification Management

- Bid Management

- Contract Management

- Insurance Management

- Compliance Analysis

- Interfaces

- Outreach Events

- Reports

- Major categories for the performance of the Services include, but are not limited to:

1. Project design and maintenance

2. Project execution plan (PEP)

3. Program planning and administration

4. Procurement coordination, management, and contracting

5. Financial analysis, management, and reporting

6. Metric management

7. Stakeholder outreach and Owner/Contractor required processes

8. Oversight, coordination, and quality control of design and construction, and

9. Compliance filings, project closer, and asset management.

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